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Rigghead Pork, Cumberland Sausage 0.5kg

Rigghead Pork

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Rigghead Pork, Cumberland Sausage 0.5kg

Rigghead Pork

£4.80 per 500g

Product description

Saddleback pork from a small local farm where the pigs have lots of space to roam. Sold in approximately 0.5kg coils.

Rigghead Pork


Producer description

We have a small herd of Saddleback pigs, who have access to woodland and orchard on our farm at Kirklinton. This traditional breed provide a great tasting pork as a result of their ability to grub and range freely.

At this time, the item is not available.

You may contact Fair Food Carlisle to express your interest or find out more about the seasons this item is available.

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