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Croft Farm, Beef Meatballs 500g

Croft Farm

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Croft Farm, Beef Meatballs 500g

Croft Farm

£6.49 per 500g

Product description

Lightly seasoned and spiced, really tasty and easy to cook. They give you different options for a quick, simple meal.
Approx 500g packs, with a average price of £6.49. Prices range between £6.40 and £6.70.

Croft Farm


Producer description

The Croft is an organic farm of 105 acres, 40 in the village of Houghton just north of Carlisle, the remainder at Armathwaite beside the river Eden.

The organic Pedigree Longhorn cattle raised at The Croft live out all year, in the winter feeding on grass, hay and silage. Geese are raised for the Christmas market. The Croft is also a member of the Hadrian Organics Cooperative.

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You may contact Fair Food Carlisle to express your interest or find out more about the seasons this item is available.

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