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The Rooted Pig, Back Bacon

The Rooted Pig

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The Rooted Pig, Back Bacon

The Rooted Pig

£3.50 per item

Product description

Dried cured back bacon average 6 slices. The average price per pack is £3.50. Range between £3.05 - £3.94.

The Rooted Pig


Producer description

We are a pig business in north Cumbria, Emma did an organic apprenticeship and John has worked on his family farm for many years. We have two Tamworths to breed from and we have a selection of cross bred pigs to produce the best pork and bacon. They eat barley produced on the farm with a little milk from the dairy herd. In the Summer they are in the wood and have a hut bedded with straw where they sleep in a big piggy pile. In the winter they get some shelter in the big open end barn, where they can still dig and get some sun, except Brownie the Tamworth who goes where she pleases.

At this time, the item is not available.

You may contact Fair Food Carlisle to express your interest or find out more about the seasons this item is available.

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