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Mix Tape Espresso Coffee Beans

Bruce and Luke's Hand Crafted Coffee

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Mix Tape Espresso Coffee Beans

Bruce and Luke's Hand Crafted Coffee

£7.00 per 250g

Product description

Mix Tape Espresso is about collaborating the best coffee in season right now, creating a punchy cup that shows off natural fruity flavour and fine tuned to draw out sweetness.

Our current blend is a selection of 3 different crops coming from 3 origins.

50% Fazenda Ouro Verde (Brazil)
30% Churupampa (Peru)
20% Karengera (Rwanda)

Weight 250g


We found hints of chocolate raisin with deep body from Fazenda Ouro Verde, met by plum-like sweetness from Churupampa all finished with grapefruit acidity from Karengera, creating a full cup starting sweet with slight sharp finish.

Bruce and Luke's Hand Crafted Coffee


Producer description

Our passion for coffee started when we took on a cafe, where we learned to fine tune our knowledge of coffee from a baristas view. From there we started travelling around trying different roasters coffees and being excited by all the different tastes.

So we decided to start our very own small batch hands on Coffee Roaster with simple ethics. To source great beans, play around with how we roast to bring out the very best flavour and to get the product to you guys fresh.

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