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Thornby Moor Dairy, Curthwaite

Thornby Moor Dairy

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Thornby Moor Dairy, Curthwaite

Thornby Moor Dairy

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Product description

A beautifully smooth, soft goat's milk curd. Comes in approximately 280g packs, price varies with size.

Thornby Moor Dairy


Producer description

Thornby Moor Dairy was established as a specialist cheesemaker in 1979 by Carolyn Fairbairn. She set up a dairy in the basement of the family home, a converted Solway bank barn. Entirely self taught in the art of cheesemaking, she began by adapting a basic smallholder recipe to make Allerdale cheese using raw milk from her own herd of goats. In 1989 we became a founder member of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association whose Code of Best Practice we adhere to in the production of our cheeses.

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